Baby Trolls Get a Bad Rap

Have you considered the baby trolls? They do exist. And they have something to say.

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Baby Trolls Get a Bad Rap

Trolls. You think you know all about them—from what you’ve read, seen, or heard.

But have you considered the baby trolls?

They do exist. And they have something to say. 

...Meet Horatio, Saul, and little Grizelda: three baby trolls who just want to be heard, respected, and most of all, to be your friend.

Editorial Reviews

What a delight this book is. Not only is it colorful and fun, fun, FUN! It’s also very clever. Basically, three baby trolls – three very sweet baby trolls –want ‘equal rights’ with grown up trolls. And they want you, the reader, to sign a petition to help them.

I liked so many aspects of this short picture book for younger children. Firstly, I loved that the three trolls were all very different – Horatio, the smart troll, Grizelda, the super-cute troll who thinks she’s a princess, and Saul, a sort of naughty boy troll who thinks, like grown up trolls, he can be scary too. By giving them a strong, definable personality, young children, I think, will relate to them really well.

Secondly, there’s a lot of humour in the story. I loved it when Grizelda says, ‘I’m Princess Grizelda’ and then Saul says, ‘I’m Saul and she’s not a princess’. It made me chuckle. In fact, I chuckled all the way through the book. Comic timing is everything in a book like this and, I’m happy to say, Justine Avery is excellent at it.

Finally, I have to discuss the drawings. Daria Yudina, who I see is a Russian illustrator, is very, very talented. In a very simple way, she offers fun, imaginative characters for the young reader to fall in love with. I always think that in a good picture book the author is not telling the story and nor is the illustrator. In a good picture book, the author and illustrator work together to tell the story. And this is what we have here.


Very sweet, very funny and very, very clever! A wonderfully written, wonderfully illustrated picture book.