The Post-it Note Affair

a Romance Novelette of Love Lost and Found

Emily wants what every woman does: to have it all. Is that too much to ask?

* B.R.A.G. Medallion Award 2016
* Silver Award for Best Short Story, Feathered Quill Book Awards 2016
* Bronze Award for Best Romance, Feathered Quill Book Awards 2016
* Official Selection for the New Apple Summer E-Book Award for Romance, 2017
* Honorable Mention for the Readers' Favorite International Book Award for Fiction Short Story, 2016
* Finalist for The Wishing Shelf Independent Book Award for Adult Fiction, 2015
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The Post-it Note Affair

Emily wants what every woman does: to have it all. Is that too much to ask?

Emily really can't complain. She's married to a wonderful man, her high school sweetheart, who still dotes on her as he did when he first laid eyes on her. They have a beautiful home together, and they each enjoy successful careers. On the outside looking in, Emily has what any woman would be perfectly happy with.

But it's just not enough. Emily can't help wishing for just a bit more—for that special spark, for that thrill of something new and surprising, for the shivery tingles running down her spine. For real passion—for true romance.

She never expects to find it during the workday and definitely not in the form of a sticky note.

Just one square slip of paper with a few handwritten words, tucked mysteriously into the contents of her purse and dropped right into her small world, marks the first of a slew of sexy surprises Emily couldn't have anticipated no matter how hard she wished for them. She's desperately sought after every one of the special moments in store for her, and there's no question that she deserves them.

Even as Emily eagerly anticipates and thoroughly savors all of the excitement and mystery of what may come, she just can't guess the roller coaster of emotions she's soon to experience—or just how much it will change her.

And she may never guess just who—is leading her on the romantic adventure of her dreams.

Just when she feels she's lost the life and love she most wants to have, she finds them—in the last place she'd ever think to look.

What exactly is love? Is it the words said aloud? Thoughts shared or even just the ones you keep to yourself? Is it the activities you do with someone, the time you spend together? Is it the things you live through: the hardships, happinesses, the ups and downs? Or is it all just your imagination?

You can't see love. You can't touch it. And sometimes, it just completely floats away, out of your grasp; and then, it's gone, almost as quickly and surprisingly as it first came.

If love really is just all in our minds, why do we miss it so much when it's gone? Why does it feel like a favorite warm and fuzzy blanket we love to stay wrapped up in as long as possible; and then, we feel so insecure and vulnerable;utterly alone;when we're no longer bundled in it?

I miss my blanket. Maybe that's why a little square of happy-yellow paper just affected me so much. Kind of embarrassing actually;if it wasn't for how deliciously wonderful it was to just discover that little surprise and feel excited again. Even if just for a moment.

I'll take those moments. Please, please give me more.

I don't know what I thought marriage was going to be. Wait, of course, I do. And I admit it. I totally fell for the "happily ever after," just as I fell for Stephen. It was so easy;dreamy, even.

We were high school sweethearts, then college sweethearts, then we married. It made complete sense, and I couldn't imagine life any other way or with anyone else. We're just so compatible;I know, not very exciting but nicely comfortable.

We just work. Maybe because we're from the same town, our family members and friends all know each other, we grew together, or we've just come to really know and understand each other over the years.

But maybe that's why it's just gotten, well, boring. Living with Stephen is like having a really great pet. Did I just think that? He's everything you could want in a companion. He has those big puppy-dog eyes, he's cute, friendly, fun, full of energy, a great listener, and he utterly adores me. But there are some things he just can't offer.

You know what I'm talking about. Where's the oomph, the thrill, the fireworks, the romance? Did we ever have it, or were we just in a youthful daze or too shy or scared or whatever to seek it?

One thing's for sure: my husband just doesn't do it for me. Not anymore. I love him, but that old flame and spark have long since been extinguished. And I've stopped trying to rekindle it. How many times can a woman try to spell it all out, making herself vulnerable, and practically write down instructions for how she wants to be treated, wooed, loved, before she starts to feel pathetic for even needing to?

And Stephen does try. I have to give him credit for that. He does care; that's obvious. And just admitting that I want more makes me feel completely guilty. I'm not ungrateful. I'm just not ready to give up on feeling really, truly desired. I'm not ready to give up my right to tingles, thrills, and butterflies. And for all of my husband's great qualities, dependability, and real love for me, Stephen just can't provide that package.

I want the total package: the pretty box with the big red bow and the sparkly, shiny thing inside.

So, what does that have to do with a silly little piece of pale yellow paper? Well, I'll tell you. That otherwise inconspicuous and completely unimportant sticky-edged Post-it I found wading in the depths of my purse one rushed morning made my day.

And I had no idea the profound affect it was going to have on my whole life.

It was a Monday, another horrible Monday. I was late to get to work after being late to leave the house and late to reach the I-465. I was late to pick up my morning coffee, late to my desk, and too late to make it look like I'd actually arrived at the office on time.

I scrounged around in my bag for who-knows-what when my fingertips touched what I thought was a bit of trash, a piece of wrinkled paper that didn't belong in my purse at all. That made me angry;like everything did on days that started the way that Monday did.

I pulled it out, crushed it into a ball, and was about to toss it at the wastebasket at the far end of my desk when I paused for a moment and my brain finally kicked in. Why would there be something in my bag that I didn't put there?

In those two seconds, I was actually logical. And my life changed like the flick of a switch.

I uncrumpled the paper and realized something was scribbled on it: a handwritten note, just a couple words, in bold block letters.


That was it. Nothing more. But it was enough.

Was it the word "terrific" or the "you" that made me feel like the note could actually be intended for me, meant as a compliment? Or was it the in-your-face effect of the exclamation mark itself? Someone chose to use that exclamation mark. Someone seriously meant what he or she wrote.

But it couldn't be for me. My name wasn't on it. It wasn't signed or anything. It could even be a joke. Or a stray scrap piece of paper accidentally swallowed up by my purse: shrapnel from a paper wad fight over the cubicle walls. And that could've been days or even weeks ago. ....

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Lexi Richmond. Richmond is an American voiceover actor, performer, and dialect coach. Her inspirations are Tina Fey and Robin Williams. Her strengths and audio experience include dialects/accents, healthy vocal fry, romance/erotica with tough, yet secretly vulnerable leading ladies, and the young adult and thriller genres. She is a vocal chameleon and can achieve almost any age or sound, allowing her to play virtually any character while in the booth. She lives in New York City.

Editorial Reviews

This was really cute. I did not realize that it was a short story though-- I was getting into the story and then all of the sudden it ended. I wanted it to go on. The ending was kind of a let down. I really want to read more by this author.

In the short story The Post-It Note Affair: A Romance Novelette of Love Lost and Found by Justine Avery, we find our heroine, Emily, discontented and in a passionless marriage. But that all changes while she is at work one day. At the office she discovers someone - an admirer - has placed a post-it note message in her purse. There’s a handsome, new guy in the office. In spite of guilt and in spite of her being upfront about her marital status, the notes continue. Is the office romance the spark she needs in her passionless love life? Her husband is sure and steady, but what our heroine wants is a little spice in her life. Should she take the opportunity and allow the post-it note admirer to pursue her?

This was a really sweet short story. A lot of punch behind a powerful moral in such a short number of pages. Now that’s really good writing. To be able to draw in the reader and make them root for or stress about a character's decisions in such a short space is a positive reflection on an author's skill. The story itself is a good reminder not to take for granted the opportunities that present themselves nor the people in front of us. I had my suspicions about the admirer, but loved how Avery left the admirer so artfully ambiguous, allowing for the story to potentially take multiple directions right up until the end. I know which outcome I was rooting for and my wish came true.

A sweetly-written page-turner. A FINALIST and highly recommended.

There's a craft to the short story and Justine Avery has pretty much mastered it. The Post-it Note Affair is by far the best.

"A very sweet story wrapped in a fabulous cover. I like Emily very much; she was fun to follow on her romance adventure."

"Well written with a surprisingly well developed female lead. I would happily read another of this author's short books. The perfect beach read."

"Cute, sort of fun, very light. It's romance so it needs to be ... this writer is pretty talented."

Reader Reviews

Light Hearted and Charming

This book is a perfect afternoon read, the length isn’t much of a commitment and the ending will leave you feeling satisfied.

A great little story about choices and the powers of love, enjoyable for anyone in a long term relationship. Good lessons and wisdom to take away from this book.

As a girl who doesn't know how to accept a compliment herself, I can relate to the main character. A dear friend of mine told me I was "wonderful" and I used every excuse in the book to say that he couldn't possibly have directed that comment at me. Why as women are we afraid of accepting compliments? The main character in this novel was brave. She took a chance on love, on something out of the ordinary. She didn't settle. A likeable story that makes it easy to put yourself in her shoes.

Short sweet romantic with a Sex and the City vibe at the beginning.

The first chapter was written much like Carrie Bradshaw's writings on Sex and the City.

When reading a Justine Avery book you can always expect unexpected twists.

The reality is many people feel like Emily and long for more in their lives and relationships. That's why I enjoyed the book because Emily reminds me of my own life. I always want more from relationships and I'm never satisfied with what I have until it's gone.

I also enjoyed the simplicity of the post-it notes especially the power of just the first note that said: "You're terrific!" It makes you realize how something so simple can make you feel a world different. This book reminds us what's important.

I enjoyed reading the post it note affair. I found that something about Emily was kind of familiar to me. He inner feelings and moments where she goes off daydreaming reminds me of myself. I love how honest she was with herself in regards to being able to recognize that what she's doing is wrong... she's just a really likable character and that keeps you reading.

Love the Love You Have

I liked this little book. The story was cute and filled with meaningful private moments lived by a protagonist who was solidly developed. The romantic moments had just enough detail to pull the reader into the experience, but not so much to make them feel inappropriate for the tone of the story. It’s definitely a modern romance. It was fun to read, and before you know it the story is over before you know it. It left me feeling appreciative of the love I have in my life.

Emily wants what every girl wants. A good job a good marriage and happiness. But when this all becomes routine, Emily finds a new spark in her life in the form of a Post-It note. However, at what cost is Emily willing to risk her life of happiness for the words from a stranger. Can you ever truly have it all? Avery blends the typical items of a romance novel with the suspense of a happy mystery in this sweet take on a woman discovering what she truly needs.

Romance with a twist of office affair!

The romance of this book will just tug at your heart! This is a story that most married women can relate to when the honeymoon period ends and you just feel that your spouse fails to notice you or pamper you like they did first during courtship. The story talks about a married couple and how the wife finds an office romance only to realize that her and her husband are in another state of love, one that just never melts away! I just loved reading this book!

A Great Story that Relates the Human Struggle

Very cute story with a great lesson. I love how this story explores the human psyche to point out the strange thoughts and powerful feelings that encompass an inner struggle. People from every walk of life can relate to Emily and her inner turmoil regarding right vs. wrong, the known vs. the unknown, love vs. lust. It makes one feel like they are not alone in their worries and struggles -- that others have experienced the same feelings and have survived to tell the tale. Justine Avery and those signature twist endings! It really makes you do a double take!

Must read!

This book had many twists and turns and I loved that! It's a must read definitely. I think the best part is the ending who knew that it would end like that!

A quick light read with a great moral of the story. Love what you have. Emily fights with herself internally because she feels as though her and her husband no longer have the same passion they once had so after recieving flirty post it notes she contemlates having an affair with a man she believes it to be. I won't spoil whether she does or not but i reccomend this if your looking to read something light.


First of all, I love the premise. After all, a post-it note as a catalyst for change is such a clever yet simple idea. I love when writers take everyday things and make them extraordinary. I especially loved the character of Josh as I just love when a handy type is the love interest.Something I found especially intriguing about the piece was the idea of "true love" and what it really means. Does Emily stick with high school sweetheart husband or move on to dreamy Josh the new guy? Overall, definitely a good read. Five stars.

An Eye-Opener To Be Grateful Of What You Have

This was short and sweet with a compelling story that we should appreciate what we have in life. Yes, it took Emily until the ending to realize that everything was truly perfect in her life, with her perfect husband. I also realized and understood how her husband was so passionate, ready to tend to her emotional needs in hopes of solving whatever problems she was facing. The way he just let her vent without interjection to only express that he loved her once she was finished, was so touching. Definitely, a great read and Emily feels, even more, closer to her husband.

Squeezed My Heart

Wow, I was moved by this wisp of a read! This novelette was lovely. I cried because of its sweetness. Mind you, this is not a sugary, gooey love story. Oh No! Avery gives us a look at the human condition. The condition of dissatisfaction with the present and the longing for something else. The story presents how the wanting can be so blinding, we forget to look at what we have, the wonderfulness in our midst. For me, Avery did it again! I was presented with a quick, romantic, and fun read, that made me smile through happy tears.

This novelette was cute and fun. While it is predictable, it feels like talking to your best girlfriend as you go through the motions of day to day life. Would recommend for a cheerful, pick-me-up kind of read.

Love is where you least expect it.

This is a very short novella in first person narration about a working woman who has grown bored and dissatisfied with her marriage despite a loving husband. She secretly longs for romance and adventure until an unexpected anonymous compliment on a post-it note and a new office colleague start to brighten up her days... Or do they?

This sweet love story is a little jewel despite the first person narration, which is usually not my cup of tea but is in this case instrumental in narrowing the point of view to what the heroine knows and thus allowing the twists in the tale.

So Good!

I am hesitant to buy the short stories and novelettes on Amazon because most are just subpar. However, there was something about this one that drew me to it. It's absolutely human nature to always want more than we already have even though we sometimes seem to have it all. This is also the case for the main character in this book. The up and down of emotions is not only heart wrenching at times but also enjoyable because I have felt these same emotions. I sure hope there's a part two!!

Since this is a very short novella, I'll make my review also short. Because otherwise the review will be longer than the story.

In one word: AAAAHHHWWWW (okay, I don't know if this is really a word... Second try: MELT).

Like the cover: the story is sweet, cute and it melts your heart. Although a bit predictable nearing the end, it's just the kind of story you need to read once in a while to make you feel good. To hug your husband before you go to work and then wonder off to your office for the naughty thoughts during the day.

Admit it: you have had them. And so does Emily. Off course she has the sweetest husband at home. But there is nothing exciting. So when someone is giving you Post-it notes with comments on them, you get kind of enthusiastic and exhilarated.

And while nothing is happening (yet), you feel guilty towards your husband for feeling this way. So you are torn up, just like Emily. What to do, what to do?

Find out what Emily did on The Post-it Affair from Justine Avery.

A Delight for Hopeless Romantics

This book was an absolute joy to read! Justine Avery is a great writer, and I found the book difficult to put down.

In 'The Post-It Note Affair,' we are introduced to Emily, a woman who has found herself feeling less than thrilled with her marriage to her high-school sweetheart, Stephen. Emily yearns for that old spark she felt in the early days of their romance and laments over how her husband simply doesn't "do it" for her anymore.

In the midst of a hectic Monday at work, Emily's world is turned upside down when she discovers a stray Post-it note crinkled up in her purse. Avery does an outstanding job of conveying Emily's excitement at the handwritten words adorning the note -- such a wonderful job, in fact, that I very nearly found myself feeling as if the note were meant for me rather than for Emily.

From the moment Emily's fingers withdraw the pale yellow piece of paper from the depths of her handbag, we are given a front-row seat on the emotional roller coaster she finds herself riding, hanging on tight until the mystery is solved and the very satisfying conclusion is reached.

Sure to delight hopeless romantics everywhere, 'The Post-It Note Affair' is a great choice for some laid-back, lazy day reading...and perhaps an excellent reminder to appreciate and love the life you've got.

**some spoilers** While a little bit predictable, it was well written. The opening scene about details of the marriage might have been better executed if it was mixed in with a scene including her husband. ... As soon as the first scene with Josh hit, I was hooked and the suspense was really good. I felt like I was really in Emily's mind and I was left guessing who was writing the notes the entire time. I liked how Emily's inner conflict was written and it can be easily relatable to many readers. As far as the ending, a part of me was rooting for Stephen that he was writing the notes but a part of me wanted it to be Josh to stir things up a bit. A happily ever after can sometimes be too happy and sometimes readers want some drama. Overall, I enjoyed reading The Post-It Note Affair. Good read!

Emily had a good life, good marriage and the perfect man only that didn’t seem quite good enough. She needed more she just didn’t know what. She wanted to be wooed and romanced but sadly her life is somewhat predictable.

The day the new handsome new employee walked in was the day the notes started. Could it be blue eyes? All she knew was that those little notes made her feel happy and you could feel the swell of emotions from her. She was up and down, she was being swayed by the gorgeous new employee with the heartwarming smile. But her heart was still with her amazingly sweet husband. What should she do, she was falling hard for her post it boy!

This quick read was perfect. I loved it, it was a breath of fresh air! Emily was just a very confused girl but all it came down to was those sweet notes were making her day brighter. She felt better about herself, got a spur of the moment haircut. What girl doesn’t love to get letters from a secret admirer, I know I do. She looked forward to them she was getting a new outlook on her life if only she knew who the author was?

I thought the author did a great job to give you a quick little nugget of hope. This story had a great ending I really enjoyed it, it made my heart smile


The Post-it Note Affair is a romance novelette by Justine Avery. The story is a quick, entertaining read. It is rather suspenseful for a romance novelette. While the story is short, it does have the full makings of a story with a presented problem, a climax, and a solution. The Post-it Note Affair is an enjoyable, light read with a lot of emotion. I recommend this short story to anyone who likes a more realistic romance rather than what the majority of the romance stories deliver today. One of my favorite aspects of the story is how the author portrays real and raw the emotions. Many of the romance stories today are presented in a way that seems unrealistic and can have you get carried away with an imagination and not many true emotions involved. This story has you feeling what the main character feels and takes you for a ride. I appreciate a practical aspect to my romance stories now and then.

"The Post-it Note Affair" is a cute story that I *guiltily* could relate to. Even those of us that are lucky enough to date/marry a fabulous partner can end up in Emily's shoes at times. We may find someone who adores us and is willing to do anything for us but at times we may lose that initial spark that drew us in. We get into a situation where we feel like we are simply living with a roommate. When that happens, all it takes it a little flash of something from someone else, a wink, a smile, a nice gesture, for our minds to start to ponder the possibilities.

I really enjoyed this novelette and not just because my name is Emily - the same as the main character - or because I work in a similar office setting. It's a quick read, perfect for those few brief moments of peace and quiet on a lunch break or when you want to relax in the tub after a long day. Once I started reading, I couldn't put it down! The story was surprisingly well thought out and well written. I really enjoyed the ending and this novelette shows the power of quality writing even when you have such brief pages.

This was well written and could be read by teens and adults alike. The protagonist is relatable and realistic. The story was just the right length and makes a great story for some light reading before bed.

Fun, short, and gripping read with a great theme

"The Post-it Note Affair" is a quick and fun read that centers on Emily, who is married to Stephen, but longs for a spark in her relationship. Then, one day, a new employee is hired at her workplace by the name of Josh, and she is immediately hooked, and hopes to bring some flirting excitement in to her life.

I don't mean to reveal any spoilers, but I absolutely loved the plot twist in this novella. The theme that I got out of the story was to not take your close ones for granted, especially your significant other. I felt humbled by Stephen's character, and the book made me feel happy and relaxed in the end. Though I've never read any of Justine Avery's books until this one, I would be thrilled to check out of her other books. Highly recommend!

This book was a great beach-day read for me. I enjoyed the short but sweet length of the book. I also enjoyed the character of Emily, and was able to relate to her emotions. It was evident the author took their time to build the characters, and also the story. This was a short and cute story, and I really enjoyed the ending especially! I would highly recommend this light summer read to anyone in search of one!

A nice, simple story that echoes what everyone is trying to find: being wanted and having the spark with someone. This story is filled with imagery of first sparks of falling in love with someone, and the risk is taken when that someone is a secret admire. Compelling story and subject that everyone can relate to one way or another.

“What exactly is love?” Emily asks; then in answer to her own question reveals what she discovered in the midst of her daily home and office routine. Her answer is not the one she expected nor sought, but provides her a path to peace and a lesson for us all.

Emily has a loving husband and a demanding career path, but something is missing. She traces her life as a straight line from meeting her husband Stephen in high school and dating through college. Now as a member of a two-person household, Emily feels that she has missed out on something, or that something is missing in her life. Stephen has become as ordinary as hallway carpeting.

Into the hole where romance should be, drops a Post-it note, penned and deposited by an unknown hand. As she ponders the source of the note, the new man in marketing introduces himself. Josh, with his “just long enough” dirty blonde hair, ocean-blue eyes, and pin-stripe suit materializes like an apostle of love.

The author did a great job in having us relate to the main character Emily. We all have a little of us in Emily whether it's just wanting to have a relationship that always sweeps us off our feet or just wanting it all. The Post It Note Affair is a fun read that you'll fall in love with!

A wonderfully quick yet emotionally touching read!

The Post-it Note Love Affair compellingly addresses what most people (men included!) battle at one time or another in a relationship with a loved one: the disheartening fact that sometimes a spouse has unknowingly taken the other loved one for granted.

The story begins with Emily, who describes how seemingly discontent she is in her marriage. She knows Stephen loves her and she him; yet there's no spark anymore. She feels like Steven's more like that of a loyal puppy dog rather than what she really wants, which is to be sought after...wanted. Then as if out of the blue, Emily begins receiving uplifting, borderline affectionate Post-It notes from whom she feels, without a doubt is the office's newest charming and very easy-on-the-eye new hire, Josh. Then in turn, she begins to act out in ways towards her husband AND Josh; all in response to the feeling that Stephen has taken her for granted for way too long. Little does Emily know where this secret love affair will take her with every new Post-it Note!

Justine Avery's writing style is superbly riveting. Her descriptive adjectives and methods of how she paints a picture of the main character's relatable witty inner monologue, truly engrosses the reader to want to see where this love affair will go. Avery writes in such a way that reminds and makes one feel not so alone in the indisputable notion that all any partner craves in a relationship is to be desired, to be adored, or just know they are wanted.

It's a wonderfully quick read that undoubtably will touch the heart and hopefully remind one that a few simple words written on a simple note can dramatically change one's entire perspective, if not their future!

The Post-It Note Affair by Justine Avery is a short story that I think a lot of people would enjoy. Emily is the main character that is comfortable in her marriage but feels like something is missing. She is feeling stuck in a lot of ways but especially with her husband. One day, she finds a post-it note in her purse and the simple positive message changes her whole day for the better. Different messages start showing up and she is convinced the new man in her office, Josh, is the author.

Honestly, I didn't like Emily a whole lot. Daydreaming all day at work about having an affair isn't a redeeming quality. I did like the ending though and would chalk this up as another great book by Justine Avery.

If you are looking for a good romance to read, I recommend this 10/10. I enjoyed it and I will be reading this again. The book was outstanding and I loved the word play in it.

Justine Avery’s short story, The Post-It Note Affair, will have you on pins and needles. This author is known for the use of very descriptive words. This story lets you in on the inner most thoughts of a woman. Not only are these thoughts accurate, but they lead you on the same kind of emotional rollercoaster women know all too well. This story also reveals the power of words and how one positive note can change your attitude. You may not agree with what the main character is obsessing over, but you will be happy to ride with her on this rollercoaster to get to the ultimate outcome.

Avery's novelette is filled to the brim with introspection that analyzes the nature of love itself. Using a Post-it note, Avery metaphorically comments on the necessary reciprocity of love--the need for continuing thrills, wooing, and adventure. Without the passion, a love becomes like a companion, an adoring pet.

The Post-it Note Affair is infused throughout with gentle humor, a signature of Avery's. The reader journeys with Emily, the narrator, on her quest to determine who fatefully left her that one, possibly mistaken, and crumbled note. We see her stumble through a new crush, embarrassed along with her by her conspicuous comments, adoring glances, and giggles that are overly loud. We see her struggle with the concept of fidelity in her high school sweetheart marriage, her wedding band---once so seamlessly a part of her--getting heavier and heavier.

As a whole, Avery makes evident the power of appreciation. Just one compliment has the strength to propel a tired, lonely, breaking person into a new being. This is a lesson that can, and should, be transferred into the lives of the readers.


I enjoyed reading this. The first line of the book. "What exactly is love?" immediately pulled me in. I am a sucker for a good chick lit novel and this is how I would describe Justine Avery's book. Emily, our protagonist, is feeling like her marriage is missing something. She is having doubts on whether or not she is still head over heels in love with her husband or just likes him as a friend. She wants excitement. She wants to feel the passion again. I feel like any married woman (me included) can relate to waiting a little excitement and passion in their life. If you are someone looking for good, quick read to take your mind off of a crazy or busy day, I would definitely recommend this book. Certain parts made me think about myself and what I want. And other parts made me excited for Emily and a little sad. I wish there was more to read.

This book is utterly fascinating. I admire the way the main character Emily holds onto such hope through the story. There is something intoxicating about the way she loves and loathes herself. I look forward to reading more work from this author. I must add that the pace of this story is perfect. The back and forth between Josh and Emily is fetching.

There is a spot where the word poignant is used. I think this is a unique choice for words. I don't believe the average reader would know what it means. ...

I love how the author held the tension for so long. This is a hard thing to do, even after years of practice. I could not put this story down.

"The Post-it Note Affair" is a very cute short story, I can't stop reading it, it took the reader on a emotionally romantic adventure. Emily is confused and unhappy with her marriage life compares to her ideally relationship. One day she found out a small inspired note which changed her. From here, the author exquisitely brings the reader into Emily's emotions. You can feel a strong connection and understanding of all Emily's thoughts, passions, confusion, and intention emotional change between her and the charming guy at the same company. I like the way how author described Emily's inside feelings, Justine Avery did a excellent job of capturing Emily's personal emotion in writing. You will find a lot similarities which reflect on your own life, relationship and marriage. The ending was warm and touched. It reflects the reality that there is no perfect relationship or marriage, but something or someone is better than you thought which is the perfect surprise. Highly recommend!!

This was such a cute story ! The author used the perfect balance of description in order to present the reader with imagery while also allowing them to fill in the spaces . The ending of the story was surprising and heartwarming . I truly enjoyed this short read .

The Post-It Note Affair is a very quick read, not only because it is a short story, but because it is a compelling one.

Emily feels complacent in her marriage to her high school sweetheart and wants the fire and passion of a new romance. One day she notices that she has received a sweet note on a Post-It and it quickly boosts her confidence and makes for a better day. That is when Josh enters the picture. He is a new guy at work and not hard on the eyes. Emily feels something but isn't quite sure about it. Is Josh writing her the notes? You'll have to read to find out.

This short novel is well-written and smart. It makes you appreciate what you have.

This book was great! The story took me right in finished it in a few hours. Left me wanting to know more! Absolutely love it.

"The Post-it Note Affair" is a very cute book. The main character is a happily married woman, or at least she's as happy as she can be despite the supposed lack of passion in the marriage. Her days are made when she starts finding little encouraging notes written on post-it notes hidden in her purse. Whose day wouldn't be made after those notes? To top it off, a new cute guy at work enters the picture, and she finds herself thoroughly distracted.

I've got to get Avery credit for the pleasant ending as it wasn't at all what I was expecting. Without giving any spoilers, it does explain the attitude of the new guy at work. I'd definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a quick and cute read.

I adore this story! After being married for several years, life has become the same day in and day out. While Emily has the love and complete adoration of her husband Stephen, she doesn't feel the spark they once had and wishes for something more. Then comes a Post-It note with just two words "You're Terrific" and all of a sudden life is a little more exciting.

This story is perfect for those of us who have experienced the same thoughts and feelings. Great book, Justine!

Justine Avery captures the reader with her short story about romance and the need for energy within relationships. The protagonist is like any other woman, and the reader easily relates to her relationship rut at the beginning of the novel. The excitement and energy the new coworker injects into Emily's life is tangible and very realistic. The appeal of the post-it notes is in the anonymity, as Emily has to solve a little mystery to find the source of her romantic interests. The reader is pulled along for this uplifting and exciting story, and the ending delivers a strong assessment of love and romance. The writing is also fantastic, as the author uses crisp sentence structure and great descriptions to pull you into her perspective. This novella is a great read, and I would recommend it!

The Post-It Note Affair by Justine Avery is an uplifting short story about love and life. I was immediately connected to the main character and her situation. I too, like probably every other reader of this novella, have been in the same situation with their own relationships. A rut. Not miserable or even unhappy, just uninspired. What Emily is seeking is a spark of excitement in her love life. What she gets is a mysterious post-it note in her purse that leads her on a sexy journey of self discovery and enlightenment. I truly loved this story and can't wait to read more from the author.

I instantly connected with this story because I've had the same doubts myself. Being with a person for a long time turns love into something different, not bad, but different. And I feel that Avery did a great job of making the reader feel the same sense of complacency, and then excitement and ultimately renewed happiness. I feel like deep down you're supposed to know who really wrote the notes, but Emily's want of something new and passionate really makes you believe that it's what's real. All in all, this short story is cute, and exactly what a lot of us need to help us realize that love and lust are two different things, and real love is always more fulfilling! I'm definitely going to read more of Justine Avery's work!

There have been times when everyone has gone through a period where they were unsure of the love they shared with another no doubt. Justine’s Post-It Note Affair touches on just that. Emily loves her husband, but feels as though their relationship has lost its spark. Of course this is something very relatable for most people. She desires to get the spark back because of the way it makes one feel. On a particularly bad Monday Emily finds a note that changes her outlook on everything. With no signature and the note being left when she wasn’t around Emily wasn’t sure who it was from, though she had her ideas. This story reminds us that simple words spoke or even written can change our moods in an instant. It doesn’t take nearly as much as you think to express your thoughts even anonymously. Was Emily being wooed by the new man at work, or was it someone she hadn’t begun to discover. Slip into Emily's life and follow her story of post-it love. It’s a beautiful and well written love story. Though it is a love story, the vibe of what saying something nice to someone can do for them is profound and strong through out this lovely story. I greatly enjoy Justine's writing and the realness she brings to her characters. One of the strongest things about this author and even this book is how relatable her characters are. It’s something that could happen to anyone, and things we all feel put in words. I can’t wait to see what Justine Avery shows us next.

Cute and Light Worthwhile Read

Such a great story about love and expectations. Emily is relatable and likable even with all her flaws. Even with the predictable twist, I found myself rooting for her to recognize the wonderfulness right in front of her. A great read I recommend treating yourself to this cute and light read.

A little thing, such as a Post-It note or this novelette, can make a really big difference. The little things can change a moment, a day, a week, a life. I had high hopes all along about the direction of this story, and I was not disappointed. Emily learns some very important things about herself, her husband, and her marriage. It is easy to connect with Emily as the story progresses. Justine Avery has done an excellent job of capturing Emily's perspective and personal thoughts. This is a thought-provoking story that will have you reflecting on your own life, your relationships, and your perspective.

The Post-It Note Affair is extremely well-written and thoughtful, with surprisingly deep characters and plot twists for the shortness of the novel. Emily's struggle between the comfort of a happy marriage and the passion of new romance makes this short but enjoyable story a real page-turner that you won't want to put down.

I absolutely adored this novelette! The beginning was a little Shakey in terms of wording, but the story itself was amazing. The point of view was great, the images the words portrayed were enthralling and I didn't stop reading until the end. Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to read a cute short story about romance.

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